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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lord, What Kind of World is This?

On the shooting in Tucson, Az

What kind of world is this?
Lord, you said it was good,
But sin’s bite stings
 In every street, every neighborhood.

What kind of world is this?
Why would a person
Kill another human being
With a gun?

What kind of world is this?
Why aren’t we
Our brothers’ keepers,
Why can’t anyone see?

What kind of world is this?
In a nation so free,
A man use violence just because
It’s not exactly the way he wanted it to be.

What kind of world is this?
Is it really so important
That he must take a life?
I can’t understand; I can’t.

What kind of world is this?
It was only an innocent crowd
And he fired into it;
Oh, God, it shouldn’t be allowed!

What kind of world is this?
You know they’ll let him free.
He’ll plead insanity—
Well then, locked up he SHOULD be!

What kind of world is this?
A child had to die.
A Child of Hope—
Hope itself seems a lie.

And I cry.

God, where is hope?
When your beloved creature
Kills another of his own,
Hope has disappeared for sure.

God, where is justice?
As loved ones mourn,
Killers go free
When the courts adjourn.

God, where is care?
When someone can shoot
The faceless people in a crowd
No care is afoot.

God, where is sense?
When he can only
See his own way
Sense is abandoned and lonely.

God, where is peace?
When human kind
Comes to this, Peace seems
Only an idea in my mind

God, where is love?
I can only see hate
Everywhere I look,
Love comes too late.

God, where is mercy?
Does anybody even care
About his fellow man?
There is no mercy there.

But Lord, through my tears
I know in my heart
A very great truth
That was here from the start.

God, you are caring
And Sense personified.
You are Prince of Peace and Love,
Mercy that will never hide.

God will fix
The broken heart
He’ll send fresh hope
And a new start.

The answer is God.
So though we cry,
We know that despite death,
With Christ, we’ll never die.