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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today at chapel, we had a guest speaker who grew up as a missionaries’ kid in Liberia and now runs missions to the people there by providing practical needs, like shoes, and showing the love of Christ. He talked about the importance of doing something and being active to make a difference for the poor, the orphans, and other underprivileged. What he said was just tearing my heart out, and I wanted to scream, because meanwhile I was sitting on my rear in a newly refurbished gym at an expensive private university—I was wearing shoes and clothes with plenty of wear in them, I had a nutritious meal in my lunch bag, and I was going home to a functional family, a roof, several hundred dollars worth of electronics, and WHAT AM I DOING ABOUT POVERTY? A little. I do a little. But it’s not on the forefront of my mind, especially since school started. And I know that every one of us college students got out of our plastic folding chairs and went about our business, and probably most of us will not make any life changes based on that sermon.
I am just getting really sick of doing things for the kingdom, but focusing primarily on myself. I am getting really sick of complaining about eating yams instead of tacos. And I am getting sick of our society as a whole. Opulence disgusts me. There is more to life than this. There is more to life than self.

Friday, November 11, 2011


To all those who have laid down their lives
To those who have lost a loved one

To the wounded

To the soldiers who have healed
To those who did not

To fathers and mothers who had to leave their children
To sons and daughters who had to leave their parents
To the men and women who are far away
To the ones who may leave at any time

To those who have returned

To those who direct them
To those who train them
To those who treat them
To those who feed them
To those who minister to them
To those who love them
To those who pray over them

Thank you

Let us never forget.