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Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Can you imagine the despair that Jesus' followers, friends, and family must have felt on this night about 2,000 years ago? Not only was their dear friend, brother, son or teacher gone, but with him died their hopes and dreams. The scoffers laughed, the uninterested shrugged, but the hearts of the faithful broke. We know the end of the story, but they did not. Their sorrow must have been overwhelming. Once the sorrow had fully sunk in, the fear took its place with a mighty rush. We know that the Twelve locked themselves in a back room,  because this was where Jesus found them later. It was a dark time.
     And yet, as they suffered the agony of grieving and of they unknown, the spiritual world was exploding. Something big was happening, something wonderful and too beautiful to describe....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


What do a boiled egg, a lamb, wine, and blood have in common? Passover. This is Passover week—the week that Judaism remembers the Exodus and Christianity remembers the death and resurrection of Christ. There are so many beautiful parallels in the Passover feast. Tonight, I put on a Seder meal for my family  (real and adopted) and was struck once again by God’s amazing design. If you ever have a chance to experience a Passover celebration, do it! You will never look at either the Exodus account or the Last Supper the same again. Just as the unblemished lamb was slaughtered at the Temple each year to commemorate the first Passover lambs whose blood took the place of firstborn sons, Jesus blood was shed the very same day at the very same hour. He hung on the cross for as long as the sacrificing in the Temple went on, and just as the high priest would say when the last lamb had been sacrificed, Jesus said just before He died, “it is finished.” He is our unblemished, sinless lamb, the one who takes our place. He is our High Priest, the one who goes to God the Father on our behalf. Because of Him, we can have confidence that we will live. We have no fear of condemnation! Praise be to God for the blood of the Lamb.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Palm Sunday

As I was reading and reflecting on the account of Jesus' triumphal entry in Luke 19, I was thinking about Jesus' emotions during this whole affair. As he entered the city on the borrowed colt, as the crowds carpeted His way with palm branches and cried out the words of the Psalmist, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord," He knew that on a week everything would change. I find it interesting that in the next passage, Christ looks over Jerusalem, weeping for what He knows will happen to it. He speaks of the coming destruction-- which happened with Titus' destruction of the city in 70 AD--and is grieved at their rejection of Him and the consequences of this rejection. What strikes me… Continue Reading

Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Week to Easter

Only one more week until Easter! I don’t know about you, but for me, this has been a fast year. I have been looking forward to this week—for me, it is spring break, and every college student needs a week off now and then. I have been thinking about it for another reason, too. Holy week has been on my mind. I feel like I normally treat it like any other week and go about my business, letting Easter take me off guard. Sometimes I observe Lent to prepare my heart and to keep my mind on Easter and what it represents. This year, I totally forgot to check my calendar and by the time I remembered Lent, it was halfway over. So much for that. I don’t want to let Easter catch me off guard, too! So, I want to do something this Holy Week to keep it in my mind and on my heart.

      It’s not so much about the day—the observation of festivals and traditions does not impress God and if it is hollow, it is only legalism. It is about what Easter means for us, for what was done for us on Friday and the implications of what happened on Sunday. It is about the incomprehensible sacrifice that Jesus gave and the joyous miracle of his arising on the third day! I want to take that to heart and think of it in a new and refreshing way this year. I want to connect with my savior and catch a glimpse of the Holy, falling on my knees in awe of His sacrifice in light of His glory.

Will you join me this week?